“If you want your beautiful fur babes to be looked after better than you do, well David is the one to get.

Not only does he come to your home to look after them in there own environment he tends to clean your house whilst you’re away leaving it cleaner than before you left.

When it comes to your beloved dog (Fur Baby’s) David is 100% committed and nothing else comes before your pooch..

So give him a call as he is so booked up in advance..”

Shane Budak

“I can thoroughly recommend David my dogs were so happy with him. My god he is so clean and tidy. Cannot sing his praises high enough! Anyone who uses David for dog sitting can go away and not worry at all . David we love you and Thankyou so much”


Betty Andre, Sarcelles French Bulldogs

David is the right person to take care of your beloved fur he looks after them as his own talks to them and they understand him too and well as looking after your home I would highly reccomend David I just hope he’s available in September when I go away again xxx

Robyne Crawford

Thoroughly recommend David – a great service and the dog gets slightly depressed when we get home!

Lachlan Thompson

I must say we had the most amazing house sitter. The dogs absolutely adored him and his little dog, even freaky weirdo afghan Lucy took to him. We constantly got updates and photos while we were away. Plus omg our house is just spotless super neat and cleaned top to bottom, our towels were even rolled up on the end of our bed! Tattoo the Dobe had her nails painted. Even when May came to practice grooming on Sassie she had to provide ID. We knew at all times the dogs were safe and happy. Thank you so much David !! Would highly recommend him!

Stacey Sullivan & Lynne Harwood, Cobachan Dobermans and Short Blaks Scottish Terriers

David is the best, such a nice guy. The way he cared for the dogs was unbelievable. Oh not to mention all the dogs had sleep outs on the floor with him watching TV and having snacks. He can come here any time!!!

Pam Ryan-Orchard

I’ve known David for over 20 yrs and have always trusted him with my much loved show dogs. I couldn’t recommend him enough


Waldwiese Weimaraners, Claire Richter-Waldwiese

DD’s in Home sitting services has been an absolute blessing. We have one very high Maintenance 9year old who is petrified of storms and fireworks and David has been the best with her, and she’s really made her self at home (not an easy feat at all!). I can’t thank DD’s enough for the peace of mind, and love he has given our two girls Daisy and Pepper.

Ebony Kate Peake